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Our commitment to empower junior world leaders

Leading Hope is a premiere middle school movement promoting educational excellence and empowering student leaders for community and generational change.

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Promoting educational excellence for generational change!

Today, many learners face complex issues that require guidance, development, and strategic solutions so they can obtain not only academic success but also proficiency outside of the classroom environment. That’s why Leading Hope offers students valuable experiential learning and exposure opportunities that better prepare them for real life application. Our program has been specifically designed to focus less on the memorization of content and more on the ability of students to successfully adopt the identity and global mindset of a Junior World Leader; an identity that can positively add value to their lives and accompany students along their academic and personal growth journeys.

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Adopting the identity of a junior world leader

Through Leading Hope, students have access to our unique curriculum (which covers a wide variety of topics from Leadership and Business to Diversity and Cultural Awareness), service opportunities, field trips, hands-on activities, and exposure.

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Influence community &
generational change!

Leading Hope participants are empowered to confidently influence community and generational change.

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