about US


We are committed to creating hope and provoking love for the purposes of driving community and generational change through service, education, and advocacy on a local, state, and national level.


Our vision is to demonstrate an authenticate love for people by creating spaces of hope and justice, while at all times preserving the dignity of those we serve.



Perfect Love Foundation was launched Fall 2013. Since it’s inception, the foundation has already begun making an impact in the Atlanta community and developing relationships abroad. I realized the magnitude and potential of the foundation once its initial areas of focus were laid upon my heart. The name itself embraces our philosophy of creating meaningful relationships and walking in love as we journey to create a hopeful future.

Witnessing, first hand the reality of poverty in developing nations, in addition to homelessness within my own local community of Atlanta, GA, prompted me to do something. It is never enough to simply acknowledge an issue. For within that acknowledgement if nothing emerges to induce change, then that acknowledgment is in vain - action must take place; strategies must be formed; resources must be provided; knowledge must be shared; and love must be demonstrated.

Above all, before duty and obligation, lies initiative. It is the belief of our foundation that provision has already been made available for all things. But it is only achieved through the initiative of individuals and potential donors like you, who not only choose to recognize and acknowledge an issue, but also make a conscious decision to respond. Through your assistance, provision is manifested and change can occur.

Taos Wynn